Pakea proyect

After sailing more than 80,000 miles in various competitions around the world and achieving notable sporting, mediatic and social success aboard the Open 60 PAKEA BIZKAIA, and admiratig seas and World, we have decided to do a new proyect, connected with education and navigation.

In this new adventure, Unai Basurko leaves the lone navigation and he  embarks with a crew to sail along the world.

The main objective is to show the connection betwen the navigation and the respect of the environment.

To make this idea real, we embark in differents expeditions. During this travels, you can follow us in this web, and when we arrive in ports, we  explain our experiences with activities for young people.

With our contributions to the sustainable development, we want to stimulate the respect between the living beings, the biodiversity, the environment and the natural resources.

We want to make aware the society showing the negative effect that we are having on oceans and in nature.

Our expeditions are ecologicals. We respect biodivesity using renewable energy, recycling… Also, we  recolect around the world different experiences about the sustainable behaviors.