Board MEETINGS before departure

Before beginning a voyage, either one of one day or for more days, the team PAKEA BIZKAIA always meets to talk about the journey, so the crew know what conditions we are going to face and that is what lies ahead. It is always the captain who prepare these talks and the responsible for informing the rest of the team.

First we talk about the length, in miles, of the voyage. In front of a letter is shown graphically the way, any complicated areas either merchant intense traffic, as a shallow area, or as areas that may affect the wind as they can be ends or narrow.

There is also talk about the latest weather information we have. We always check 3 different models of meteorology. Based on these three models we get a composition of place on the forecast that we will meet and decide the best path to follow depending on these parts. It is very important to be prepared and alert to possible changes or variations.

We also prepared and will be the guards. We always try to be changing partners and all the crew go through all the posts. In this way we get that all people are ready.

Once the meeting is finished we start sailing!