During the days of sailing we make many changes and the most important duty is to rest and sleep when you're free and be attentive to navigation when you're on guard. It seems logical, but if you do not take the time to rest, with the passage of time your attention just paying it down.

In BIZKAIA PAKEA guards are divided in groups, two of two person and a third of three, leaving the captain free of guards, but who needs can goes to him the 24 hours a day.
The guards last two hours, either night or day. When the guard finish you aren’t obliged to go to bed, you do what you want until your next turn, but you can´t alter the rest of those who want to sleep.
We make the groups so that all the crew members are with everyone and going all for all positions.
In our journeys we always follow three golden rules: eat before you are hungry, shelter before being cold and sleep before you are asleep.