PAKEA BIZKAIA proyect has an important support of the important business of our territory.

Main sponsors

We are grateful for the important support of the Deputation of Bizkaia and  BBK Kutxabank as main sponsors of the project. Without his help everything had remained in a distant dream, and thanks to them this ship already can set sail.


Strategics sponsors

In addition we want to be grateful for EuskaltelEl Correo and  K35 as strategic sponsors, because they make possible the diffusion and the good operating of the project.


Finally, we want to appreciate the collaboration of TraceMyWay, Ikatz, Azti Tecnalia, Orbea, Getxo Bela Eskola, Eitb, Bufete Barrilero y AsociadosUPV/EHU, Museo Marítimo Ría de Bilbao because they have helped us to complete this challenge. Embarc!

Azti Barrilero Canon Foto Ikatz Fagor Garmin Getxo Bela Escola Orbea Ternua Xuncel

Pakea Bizkaia

Puerto Deportivo Getxo | Pabellon A-3 -

48990 – Getxo, Bizkaia

Tfno: (+34) 944 913 596