Sailing School

The crew welcomes you to Pakea Getxo Bela Eskola. It gives you the opportunity of establishing a new relationship with the SEA and sailing sport. Our experience in navigation is over 30 years-old and we have sailed many miles. In addition, we settled Pakea Bizkaia socio-educational project. All of these things take us to support a teaching style that transmit everybody the real dimension of the SEA. Pakea Getxo Bela Eskola is a meeting place where the participation, security and proximity are involved in all of our activities. Welcome to Pakea Getxo Bela Eskola! Pakea Getxo Bela Eskola. Sailing School, School of Life.

Pakea Getxo Bela Eskola
In Pakea Getxo Bela Eskola we want to spread the art of sailing navigation, introducing it as an important part of our history and culture, as well as, a sportive and an entertainment activity which is attractive for any age. Pakea team has a great experience as much to educational level as training. Also, its director Unai Basurko and the majority of the team have a long career in navigation.

Pakea Getxo Bela EskolaItsasoko Eskola-School of the sea
We pretend to promote the knowledge and taking care of the SEA and its biodiversity. We want that school’s users internalize it, respecting and looking after it. Additionally, they will get used to the elements that make conditional on sailing such as the wind, the SEA and tides, meteorology…

School of Life
Pakea Getxo Bela Eskola pretend to strengthen behaviors and aims between students, such us team work, comradeship, effort, responsibility… They are necessary and useful values in the day to day of our lives. To get them, we will use sailing and team activities as didactic tools.
Pakea Getxo Bela Eskola

1- Classes
2- Rentals
Rentals’ table.
3- Members
4- School sailing
We offer sailing baptism to schools. Length: 3h 30′.
5- Tourist visits
We offer the possibility of knowing the history of PAKEA, which leader is Unai Basurko, as well as, its goals and the coming challenges. You could visit the Open 60 Pakea solitary world turn sailboat and the establishment in the ground. Under request.

Pakea Getxo Sailing school / (00 34) 94 49 135 96-94 491 66 32
Address: Muelle Arriluzea without number, Sailing Pavilion, Getxo (Bizkaia, Basque Country).