Saturday August 28th, 2010Pakea Bizkaia team has arrived at five o’clock in the morning of August 26 at the Shetland Islands after a beautiful and peaceful night. After a few hours of rest, about 9 in the morning they have led to the island of Mousa.

Once in the island, three members of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds were waiting to make a guided tour of the island with Helen Moncrieff. Thanks to Helen crew members have had the opportunity to know everything about the animals that inhabit the island and the archaeological issues associated with it.
RSPB is a UK association dedicated to protecting birds and other animals. We could say that is the most important group of all who work in the protection of birds and therefore has the most members.
Due to the rich biodiversity of the island, Mousa has been declared a protected area. Today, not living humans but occasionally come RSPB members or people interested in watching birds. The protected animals that inhabit in this ecoextensión are birds and seals.
If you want to know more data about the species that inhabit this island, you can visit our section on biodiversity.