In Tromso we have known the office "Gron Hverdag" which means all the green days, and we met with Svein Gunnar. This is a small company that makes advice on how to implement sustainable practices that respect the environment throughout Norway.

Anyone can visit the office but especially they worked with other small businesses so that they reduce their environmental footprint as possible and to get ECOcertificados to find that they do so.
They also have a program through which ECOcertifican schools. This advise how to conduct respectful habits with the environment in everything that has to do with raising the children, hygiene, food, transport to carry them to school, etc. They also have several guides developed for parents and teachers.
Another issue on which advice is recycling. In Norway use a different system to ours, which can be even more comfortable, as well as citizens are required to carry it out. At City Hall free of charge comprises four different colored bags for people to separate waste at each: green, organic, red-paper-packaging blue, orange and cardboard. Then throw all the bags to the same container and waste company which handles apart.
They also do bike hire and advice on how to make efficient use of domestic energy, green buildings, shops second-hand goods and barter, transport, etc.