In land with Orbea bikes

Thanks to our 4 folding bicycles of Orbea Randonée model, our arrives at ports has been much more pleasant, as we enjoyed the towns and cities in a funny way and we've stretched the stiff legs after days at sea with little mobility.

Sometimes, when you come by boat to the port, you have little chance to access remote areas, unless you make use of public transport, which is difficult to know when you have just two days before leaving for the next port. For this reason, having 4 bikes and has enabled us to give life to our legs, which sometimes are numb after days at sea.

And all this by using a transportation that no emits CO2 to the atmosphere and that is one hundred percent sustainable. As we told you in the article “Bicycles in Copenhagen, there are plenty of reasons why we should stop using our cars to the side, and encourage us to use bikes. But above all, we would stop burning fuel, we would do sport and arrive before to places.