Solar and wind ENERGY

Solar and wind power are more sustainable energy that we can make life on board much easier.

On board Pakea Bizkaia consume energy we use to operate electronic devices such as sonar, plotter, fridge, radar, radio, etc. To get energy, the batteries are charged when we use the engine, but we also have other means to obtain much more sustainable, such as wind and solar energy.

Thanks to the courtesy of XUNZEL, we installed a small wind generator and two solar panels. As we mentioned in a previous paper, we put the equipment on the outside of the boat and thanks to them, we get more energy.

Solar panels, made of silicon, reflected sunlight to be converted into electricity. There’s no need to do a very sunny day for energy, with sunlight is sufficient. Therefore, even in sunny areas will get more energy, can be used at any latitude, also in the Sea may not get as much energy as we usually obtained through traditional methods, but there are strategies to reduce consume, as such as using energy saving light bulbs, turning off appliances when there aren´t in use, etc.

These two types of energy are renewable, that is that the sun and the wind never disappear. There are other types of renewable energy: the energy of waves, tides, ocean currents, biomass, hydropower… Used in a proper way, are sustainable energy.

On the other hand, there are non-renewable energy, which exploit natural resources like coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, etc. So far we have used these sources of energy without control, and follow the same pace, these resources could eventually disappear.

For this reason, renewable energy have been introduced bit by bit in the market, yet because of all the economic benefits it brings, the oil has the power, thus making it difficult to enter this market with new projects that are friendly environment. Also in this market are powerful companies that control it. Still, concerned citizens have the opportunity to consume other cleaner energy by small businesses as XUNZEL.