Educational Offer

We offer to schoolchilds an educational project which feeds on the expeditions that we will do. With this proyect we have two aims:

AWARENESS: Firstly, to transmit values related to teamwork and navigation, and the other, collaborate on school children and young people showing the effect that human activity has generated on the planet and its oceans.

PARTICIPATION: Instill in school children and young people them responsibilities of care towards the environment and its biodiversity, applying it in everyday actions.

To this end, we offer to all schools wishing to participate in our activities, come to our room in Getxo and meet the boat, the crew and especially ours experiences aboard the Pakea Bizkaia. During the visit, there will be the viewing of images recorded on board and in ports, discussing with students the most important aspects of shipboard life and teamwork. In addition, we are going to do environmental education activities explaining the importance of renewable energy, the environmental damage caused by human action, the importance of biodiversity and the marine environment, respect for the Oceans, the sustainable use of natural resources at home and at school, etc.

If  schools can not come, we offer that several team members would travel to school and make the viewing of images and a talk with schoolchildren and teachers.

For more information contact by phone 944 913 596, or