Monday January 24th, 2011Last week came to Bizkaia Heike Vester, member of Ocean Sounds, a small company dedicated to whale watching and recording and interpreting their rounds.

During his stay in Getxo, Heike Vester went to several radio programs and participate in a conference at the Maritime Museum in Bilbao. There, she talked about the status and conservation of the Gulf of Bizkaia, the cetaceans who live there and sounds with which they communicate.

In addition, Heike Vester and one of the crew of Pakea Bizkaia meet several members of AMBAR, a society who dedicate to the study and conservation of marine life and went with them to a navigation near to Bermeo to see cetaceans and to test a new hydrophone with Heike, due to its long experience in its use.

Finally it was impossible to find cetacean. Even so, Heike to instruct Ambar in the use of the hydrophone.