The ocean as a GENERATOR. TIDES

Even if the system "Pelamis' is located floating on the surface, there are also plans to dive into the depths to take advantage of tidal currents.

According to experts, the most important marine energy is at the Pentland Firth, a channel between the coast of Scotland and the Orkney Islands, where three million tons of water pass through a narrow area of the sea every second. But they say that our generation is not able to take full advantage. Once you reach that level, the area could supply up to 15% of Britain’s electricity needs.

If in 10 years you immersed in the deep waters of the Pentland Firth you would see a forest of a thousand  windmills submerged, that is, generators attached to the bottom and up to 30 meters high, capturing energy from tidal movement. It is estimated that could generate up to 1,000 MW.

The existence of whales in the area could also be classified as a marine area of national importance. This raises concerns about the creation of a sector hampered by the steel pillars of the generators. Here is the problem because, however they make environmental impact studies, almost always paid by the companies interested in developing this technology, are uncertain of how these gigantic equipment installation will affect the marin lives.