Kepa Acero awarded “Adventurer of Year 2012”

Thursday January 24th, 2013Kepa Acero has been awarded as “Adventurer of Year 2012” with 14.193 votes. "I am very happy. It's a self-satisfaction taking into account the people who aim for being adventurer of the year, I did´t expect it" said Kepa Acero.

Kepa Acero has been awarded as “Adventurer of Year 2012” with 14.193 votes by the European Television Channel Epic TV, specialized in adventures and sports such as snowboard, surf, climbing and mountain biking. The landmark of this Biscayan man has been surfing in the most remote places of the planet.

People’s chance to vote has closed this Thursday 24th January, and Acero will receive, as a winner, 5.000€ for his next project. Until that moment everyone interested had the opportunity to vote for their preferred adventurer once a day. This freesurfer has competed against other 11 adventurers. Among them, Felix Baumgartner, who broke three historic records ascending in a hot air balloon to the stratosphere and parachute from it.

Following Acero, British Gary Connery, who has achieved the second place in the game show with 7.804 votes. Connery has been the first jumping without parachute from 730 meters. The third place has been for Kyle Dempster with 4.860 votes. Dempster has been the first ascending East Face of K7.
Kepa Acero went from Spain to Namibia, stopping in Chile, Australia and Indonesia with his project “5 waves, 5 continents”, which was born in 2010. He dedicated 2011 to the project “The last frontier”. He has surfed waves in Alaska, Peru and Patagonia, and has left testimony of all his trips in the records which keep either the places or their culture.

Year 2012 has been even more adventurer for the surfer. He is focused on his project “5 seas”, in which Acero is searching for waves never surfed before. Now he is in an Antarctic wave with the Pakea Bizkaia sailing project, led by the professional sailor Unai Basurko. Acero joined the expedition of the Pakea Bizkaia boat in Ushuaia. The Pakea Bizkaia crew is involved in an expedition in Antartida, which belongs to an educative project led by the sailor.