Wind energy is obtained from the wind.

How is wind created?
The wind is the movement of air masses moving from one place to another by currents. These currents arise from the difference temperatures of air masses. These temperatures depend on the intensity of radiation arriving from the Sun, because the sun heats up more the equatorial areas than the polar regions.

Energía eólica

How is wind power generated?
Wind energy is make by the air movemetn and to use it must be transformed into electricity. For this process they are used the  use the “wind generator,” a rotating machine. These turbines produce energy during the day and night as long as the wind speed is adequate, that is, neither too low nor too high.

Energía eólica

Is it a renewable energy?
Yes, this type of energy never finish because the wind arises constantly.
There are two types of energy: renewable and nonrenewable.
Non-renewable energy have end, so, if we continue using them without any restriction, there will come a day when they will finished. They can be of several types: oil, natural gas, coal and nuclear.
In contrast, renewable or alternative energy comes by endless source: wind, hydro, marine, solar, geothermal, biomass, industrial waste, and hydrogen.

¿How do we use the wind energy in PAKEA BIZKAIA?

It will be used in two ways: on one hand,we will take the wind to move the boat. In the other hand,  we have a wind turbine. With this windmill we collect the energy that we are going to use on board the fossil fuel consume, not emitting as much CO2.

Energía eólica