ECO Pakea

After having admired the Oceans and The Earth and to have noticed the need to stop the development in which we are immersed, we have managed to be conscious of the environmental global crisis and we have understand that current model is unsustainable.

In recent years, we have begun to realize the impact of human activity on the planet, developing some responsibility of care. Still, it requires a substantial change in thought and action.

For such a change happens, we have to want it, but we also need information, knowledge and tools that allow us to act differently.
With these tools, we should strive towards sustainable development more human and less economic, to guarantee an adequate quality of life for future generations.

In an attempt to show examples of sustainability, we will introduce over the issue texts, videos and photographs of examples of everyday life on board and different experience that we go gathering.

We want to promote environmental awareness, working for people of all ages to continue developing daily habits of care and respect the environment.