Pakea Bizkaia arrives HOME

Monday October 18th, 2010The morning has be successfully and as planned.

PAKEA BIZKAIA reached to the Bridge of Bizkaia at 12.00 o`clock. After greeting the people gathered on both sides, the boat moved to the porto f Getxo where there expected hundreds of people: friends, family, sponsors, media and fans.

At 12.20 pm PAKEA dockeed, and the eight members of the crew jumped into the dock where they were greeted by thunderous applause and the siren announcing the arrival. It was an emotional moment. The crew were keen to see his people, which not seen since the 7th of August and it showed the hugs given to the family, all accompanied by the singing of a choir.

The crew offered to celebrate the success of the expedition and project shouting “Gora Pakea Bizkaia, gora Euskadi”.

It has been a difficult but rewarding journey because they has lived  a unique experience. The material collected during these months will serve to distribute in our society a more sustainable way of life, and examples of what each of us can make at home.

On November 10 starts the visit of the schools to show to the students all the material of the navigation.