Pakea Bizkaia arrives in STAVANGER

Monday September 20th, 2010After 4 days of sailing and 600 miles, PAKEA BIZKAIA has bear of at 13.30 hours at the port of Stavanger where they were waiting a municipal representative to greet, even more so, the good relations existing between Bilbao and Stavanger.

This last cruise was conducted without major setbacks. The first two days with winds from the E SE of 15 to 20 knots, which have allowed to sail PAKEA BIZKAIA S SW and reach to 10 knot. The next two days the wind changed to N NW of the same intensity so PAKEA BIZKAIA speed was reduced to about 7 knots. The constant heavy rain and maritime traffic in the area have been alert to the crew and hasn’ allow relaxation time.
The next two days in Stavanger are to perform some repairs on the ship, institutional contacts and provision the boat for the next break to Copenhagen.