Pakea Bizkaia arrives in NORTH CAPE

Monday September 13th, 2010Yesterday, 12th of September at 14.00 UTC, the seven members of the crew of PAKEA BIZKAIA, captained by Unai Basurko, met with the principal objective of the expedition, to sail to North Cape - Nordkapp, (N 71 º 10 'E 025 º 47 ') in Norwegian waters.

Since they leave from Bilbao last August 7, PAKEA BIZKAIA has sailed more than 2,500 miles, with many stops in Ireland, Scotland, Orkney and Shetland, before crossing the North Sea to Norway. Taking advantage of these stops to document various experiences with the educational project to be submitted during the next winter to schools in the province of Bizkaia.
Nordkapp is considered the northern Cape of Europe, located in a prominent cliff close to the border with Finland and Russia. During the night of Saturday and the same Sunday, the PAKEA BIZKAIA, has sailed with moderate winds south sector, blowing very strong gusts of 35 knots around the Cape, requiring the crew to be very careful with candles and sheets, and dress warmly to combat the cold feeling on board.
It started Sunday night the way back to the capital of Bizkaia, which is expected to arrive in late of  October. Basurko, excited, said: “Today is a day of celebration that will go down meekly in the long history of Basque navigation and memory of the entire crew. We have get the objective we set before sailing, overcoming difficulties along the way and seeking solutions to problems. I remember, and extend it to those who from the beginning have made this achievement possible, from our sponsors, families and fans to my crew mates and of course, to our ship. Tonight we start the way back home, wishing to share their experiences aboard the PAKEA BIZKAIA”.