Atlantic PUFFIN

Throughout the first part of the expedition has been someone we have searched without success. However much we tried, it has impossible to find an adult Puffin.

We  have been bombarded with his image wherever we went, because in many places in the North Sea used this beautiful sea bird as a tourist lure or as an emblem of coastal towns. There isnt’t company that doesn´t make boat trips for whale watching and sea birds to ensure you do not go to see a puffin, if it is the correct season and if weather conditions are appropriate for this. And that was our mistake because we left Bilbao relatively late to get to see one of these wonderful specimens.

Most of the year they live in open sea, where it is able to find food without problems. With the end of spring begins to approach to the Atlantic coast north to nest in the cliffs and coastal slopes. So, stay on the ground occurs from May to August, when the kids have already acquired a certain autonomy and adults can return to the Sea.

Was with Heike, of Ocean Sounds, when we spotted the first offspring of Puffin, although not with the beautiful and bright colors of their adult partners, but is also beautifull. Some offspring remain close to shore during the winter because they are not yet able to fly for so long.

These photos are “stolen” from other photos of Puffins we encountered along the way, we dont talk about its beauty because the images speak for themselves.