NO FUTURE WITHOUT BIODIVERSITY This section will try to show marine species who sometimes they are not so visible on our shores, but they are present in our ecosystems and those of other seas. In addition to many other species that live only in higher latitudes.

Biodiversity, as its name indicates, is the large quantity of existing life on Earth.

The rich biodiversity of today is a result of developments occurring over millions of years, and this wealth of nature is ordered in different types of ecosystems. This evolution, have allowed the laws of nature, which act to be completely balanced ecosystems so that all participants who create the system are indispensable, even small species such as ants.

For cycles of ecosystems can continue to maintain their balance, can not vanish more than animals or plant species. Rather, the systems will be shaken and not just one species disappears, but so will the role that it meets within the ecosystem itself, and it maintains the relationship with other living things.

Humans have caused many species disappear, putting human interests to the laws of nature. The gone is gone, we have already begun to suffer the serious effects of this. Still, we have time to protect and value to living beings that are in danger of extinction, besides maintaining the existing biodiversity care.

It is true that the current situation is serious, but we have to think with hope and optimism and that we know each piece to care for and preserve it, because we still have time to ensure a healthy future for all species.