Rotterdam SCHOOL Maarten Luther visit Pakea Bizkaia

Wednesday October 13th, 2010The Pakea Bizkaia has hosted several students of Rotterdam Maarten Luther school and his professor Wim.

This event is organized with the help of an expert in education for sustainability Hezik Ernest van, with whom the team Pakea Bizkaia have shared experiences in Norway, when Ernest was participating in a conference on Education for Sustainability of the European Network Support.
These students had participated for months in the Congress “Youngsters in the local driver’s seat for Sustainable Development.” At the congress, teenagers across the country developed solutions to problems related to the environment, alternative energy, organic farming, consumer rights and the sustainability of urban areas. To do so, made use of the educational program of the three “P”-s, based on three concepts “people, planet and profit.”
The selected students have enjoyed meeting the crew and the specific tasks on board the yacht. In addition, Unai and the rest of the team have reported Bizkaia and what the project Pakea is about.
As a goodbye, Ernest encouraged them to write a blog about his experience on board on our website.