Heading to SCOTLAND

Thursday August 19th, 2010After spending two days in Protrush, Northern Ireland, the crew went yesterday to Scotland.

The next destination is Fort Williamn, from where, through Loch Ness, they are going to arrive to Inverness. This will go through the Caledonian Canal, which they will arrive during the morning. This channel does not own more than a mile wide at its narrowest and ten miles long, thanks to these characteristics the PAKEA BIZKAIA may be protected from the west sea for a few hours.

Once they arrive to Fort William, there is 50 miles with a 29 channel locks. They hope the duration will be a couple of days, so this night they are going to sleep in Loch Ness. Already in the morning, they sent direct to Inverness, where there are several scheduled visits. Among them are two highlights. The first is with the group “Trees for Life”, an association which is responsible for gathering volunteers to repopulate the channel with tress. The second one is the “Ecovillage”, a sustainable and ecological village to collect ideas to implement once back in Bizkaia.