Pakea Bizkaia and the European Environment AGENCY

Thursday September 30th, 2010PAKEA BIZKAIA members have met in Copenhagen with the European Environment Agency to explain the project PAKEA BIZKAIA 2010-2014.

Agency members were very concerned becausethey’re doing a virtual Atlas collecting experiences related to sustainability, and they are studying how the PAKEA team can collaborate.

On the other hand, They approached to the ship to meet the educational project of PAKEA, and that the failure to submit to the colleges of Bizkaia all the experiences they think that is the best way to go through sensitization of the society to live in future more sustainable and more respectful of the environment.

Both on board Pakea Bizkaia, as from its base in Getxo the team will continue working to strengthen the relationship with the Agency for the European environment and the terms of collaboration.