Pakea Bizkaia supports the FIRST SAILING REGATTA of Gipuzkoa

Thursday September 2nd, 2010This Sunday, September 5, coinciding with the Regata of La Concha, will be celebrate the first edition of the Sailing Regatta of Gipuzkoa.

The aim of the race is to honor the fishermen before the twentieth century, when sailing was far more dangerous, among other reasons because there were no weather forecasts. In addition to remind them, also wants to claim the state of the coast and its maintenance, because it is work of all of us respect our sea
Members of PAKEA BIZKAIA don’t want to miss the presentation of the race and they went to the Aquarium of Donostia to support the organization, because both projects have the same purpose.
Unai Basurko also wanted to be present and therefore sent a greeting from Norway to encourage people to participate in this event.