Sailing on the FIORDS

Thursday September 2nd, 2010Two days ago the crew left the port of Bergen and now they are sailing their main objective, the North Cape.

Util this moment, the shipping in Norway is being quiet because they are into the channels. There is no good part to make the leap to the Lofoten Islands until Friday, and that is why they are in the Sojne Fjord (Fiord of Dreams) to visit one of the most beautiful fiords of Norway and the world. This fiord is entering more than 70 miles in land, is the longest in Norway and has a maximum width of four miles.
All the fiords of Norway were carved by a massive layer of ice up to three miles thick, that covered northern Europe in a succession of ice ages. The landscape is now appreciate changed little since the Vikings headed to distant shores. We see that the coast is not degraded, the Norwegian fiords are preserved in its purest form, waterfalls occur in the slopes of the mountains. Along the fiords we can see farms and villages built long ago where land is more fertile.