Pakea Bizkaia arrives to the ABRA

Friday October 15th, 2010After two and half months of issue, the Pakea Bizkaia and his crew will come home this Sunday, October 17.

Since the ship sailed on 7 August from Bilbao, has sailed for different seas and visited several countries including Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Denmark and Holland.
This Sunday at 12:00 hours the PAKEA BIZKAIA waved  under the Bizkaia Bridge. Then (12:30 h) go to the courtesy dock of Puerto Deportivo de Getxo, where they offer a simple but warm welcome.
Of course, you’re all invited to the reception, so you can met the boat and its crew of about.
Thank you for your support these past months, and do not forget that the Pakea Bizkaia Project continues working now.