Planting SPROUTS

Sprouts are obtained by germination of seeds under certain conditions of humidity and temperature.

They are a complete food that gives us plenty of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, proteins, trace elements and antioxidants essential to our health. In addition to healthy, they are very tasty and easy to incorporate into any dish.

They are a live food whose nutritional value is increased to the point of being consumed. Vitamins germinated seed multiply up to 600% during germination. They have the same components as vegetables and legumes, but in greater proportion. For example, before germinating lentils contains 0.43% vitamin B12 and after four days of germination 2.37%.
In addition to its high nutritional value, organic sprouts are less contaminated food for two reasons: because they only germinate the seeds of good quality and because they are not used chemical fertilizers or pesticides in the cultivation process.

Fresh sprouts are beneficial to health because:

•  Improve the immune system, regenerate the intestinal movement and stimulate the digestive process.
• They help to detoxify the body of many pollutants in our environment.
• Reduce the cholesterol and they are used for the treatment of malignant tumors.

Before coming here we got in touch with Begoña, of Kimuak, and we went to Maruri to learn more about the powers of the seed. There we met the facilities where seeds germinate and produced throughout Euskal Herria.

Begoña advised us how to germinate, and gave us more seed species in the coming months to complement our food.
Although it is impossible for us to be autoself  aboard the BIZKAIA PAKEA, we wanted to be able to see grow some vegetables. Like having a garden is a complicated in a boat, we decided to carry sprouts.

In few days we will enjoy our first sprouts.