BIKES in Copenhagen

There are many reasons why we love this city, but one of them is what is the use of the bicycle and how it is integrated into the life of the city, in fact, 37% of the population uses it as a means transport.

Furthermore everything is prepared to facilitate the movement of bicycles, as most of the roads have bike lanes in each direction. Thus, there are traffic lights for rails and both car users and pedestrians respected bicycle circulation. The “bikers” are also aware on how to make proper use of lanes, roads and pedestrian streets.

We want to do the same in our cities and towns. Gasteiz and Donostia are role models, perhaps in Bilbao te awareness is missing, both public and municipal level. Seeing the example of Copenhagen and other European cities, the cold is not an excuse.

The bike is a good method of transport for several reasons:

- With our legs, is the most sustainable means of transport. Not emit CO2 into the atmosphere, so our footprint is zero.
- Sometimes we use the car for very short journeys, the bicycle enables us before and of course, do not pollute as we would with the car.
- Excessive use of the car brings variety of problems in cities such as congestion, lack of space for parking, lack of pedestrian streets, accidents… With our bikes we avoid them.
- It is a means of transport to which virtually everyone can access.
- The vehicles also pollute the environment acoustically, the streets where bicycles are moving are much quieter, liveable and enjoyable.
- It’s a great way to exercise, stretch their legs and breathe life into our hearts.
- When public transportation is not working yet we carried on our bikes, in these times when the city is much quieter.
- With the right bicycle model can carry things. Here in Copenhagen, many people are attached to their bicycles and carts carrying the shopping or even to young children.

Thanks to our 4 folding bicycles courtesy of Orbea our arrivals at ports are more pleasant, because we enjoy the towns and cities and also a fun way to stretch the legs stiff after days at sea and little mobility. We encourage you to move in your city by bike!