Let’s talk about TIDES

The tide is an important issue to consider, especially in our so beloved Bay of Bizkaia. Not so in the Mediterranean, where the difference between tides is so tiny that it isn’t an important date at the time to go sailing.

The tides rise and fall twice every 24 hours, and the cause of all this are the gravitational forces of the sun and moon. As you know, both of them spin and when they align, cause the highest and lowest tides.
Going up and down the tide, the water level varies, causing high tide and low tide. In areas where the tide does not exceed two meters, you will need to know the hours of rising and falling, because at low tide, the water would disappear, and the boat could be beached and stranded.
The difference between tide and tide is 6 hours, with a little stop on the tide in wich water is stagnant. So, knowing one hour of high or low tide, is enough to find out the rest.

Is better leave the port with falling tide, and enter with high tide. Also is better if you have the wind in favor.