SCHOOL of Life and navigation

Today we met an initiative that spend 20 years working in Stavanger. Kystkultursenter Engoyholmen is a project that try to retrieve marine cultural heritage of countries participating in educational programs for reintegration.

The project was borned to try to recover damaged wood ship, or build new ones based on older models. Eventually, they realized that they could link the country’s maritime heritage with education projects. Thus they created a school-yard where teenagers and young people could learn the craft of boat building and rehabilitation in an environment close to the Sea. This school works with adolescents from 13 years requiring an alternative education system.

After 19 years, and after passing through several stages of the learning process, some of the youngs were able to embark on a training ship where they spend months living together and learning about the life on board. Self-discipline, teamwork and routines help young people to restore some order in his life on Earth.

Not all the people who work in the yard is a worker, they also have the cooperation of volunteers who donate their time and dedication.

The school also organizes activities for children of all ages, offering them the opportunity to sail in one of the restored boats, fishing, know the yard and make contact with the traditional professions that revolve around marine life.
All boats are built using traditional methods and native woods. Usually use pine and choose one by one the trees before cutting them down, as not all are for the construction of these vessels.

From PAKEA BIZKAIA we value projects like this, in which admiration for traditional navigation helps find and recover part of our history, linked also to the work of education of both children, young people and adults.

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